UV Light vs Wipes

Passing Through UV Light Kills Bacteria on Your Phone — But Using a Wipe Would Be BetterWith so much focus on personal hygiene, products such as antibacterial mats, hand sanitizers, hand wipes and other disinfecting tools have seen a huge uptick. In Washington alone, sales of such products went up to by 1322 percent!

UV lights are also known for their ability to kill off bacteria. It has widely been ‘accepted’ and, in fact, reported that UV light sanitizing devices are the perfect solution to making sure your phone is free of bacteria and viruses. It is true that UV light works, but if you consider the fact that phones carry almost 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats, it is safe to say that a UV box won’t be sufficient for your phone. So, Why Is UV Light Not As Efficient for My Phone As Wipes?“There is no substitute for hands-on, repeated cleaning”One of the best ways to make sure your phone is cleaned properly is by making sure you ‘wipe’ away everything.

Sanitizers applied with paper towels are one thing, but leaving your phone in a UV light box is entirely another. It simply won’t be that effective. Research has shown that UV lights do work, but for them to actually be effective, the intensity needs to be really high. This means that at-home or cheap UV light boxes won’t really work best for you. Instead of spending potentially thousands of dollars on one box that you can use to sanitize your phone only when home, the better option (both in terms of cost and hygiene) is to buy sanitizing wipes and carry those around or keep them in your home and office.You can use the disinfecting wipes to clean your phone or many other hard non-porous surfaces thoroughly!

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